Feel free to read more about who we are!

ARVOO, founded in 1993, is an independent engineering company for electronics and embedded systems. We design and develop hardware and software for automated digital imaging and video processing systems. This ranges from ordinary components for image acquisition to complete image processing systems in high-end applications.

In our products we constantly shift the borders of what is technically possible, having the expertise of our engineers grow accordingly. Of course our customer relations are the first to benefit from our in-depth knowledge and long experience.

ARVOO has a highly qualified team of engineers (BSc, MSc, PhD) continuously working on creating innovative products for extreme-performance demanding markets like the high-tech industry, traffic management and enforcement, medical industry, safety and security and defense industry.

ARVOO combines broad and in-depth imaging processing knowledge together with long skillful experience.


Feel free to contact us any time when more information is needed about our products or design art work. A lot of information can be found on the website but a good cup of coffee and fruitful conversations make the difference. And we really like to talk about our products!

If you want to discuss your project or idea for a new product with us, you are cordially invited. We consider open and clear communication as an important factor in the initial brainstorm and following development process.

The basis for the design of new products is often in the range of self-build ‘technology demonstrators‘, that serve as early prototypes. This yields a very short time-to-market and limits customer risks, as a proof-of-concept has been given. Moreover, development costs can be reduced much in comparison with doing the design from scratch.

ARVOO likes to cooperate closely with the customer in a consortium of software companies, system integrators and research institutions. In this way we can entirely focus on our skills and simultaneously make optimal use of knowledge and contributions of third parties. ARVOO is happy to discuss the opportunities.