These questions are asked frequently

Q: When I compile your arvdrv module I get some errors. What should I do?

Probably you need a newer arvdrv module. Send the compile errors and the output of 'uname -a' and you will receive a newer arvdrv module.

Q: Do your frame grabber support Video4Linux?

Our products use an API which is specific for that product. Video4Linux isn't supported unfortunately.

Q: What is the latest SDK version of <product name>? Were can I download the newest SDK?

Please contact

Q: I have a problem with one of your products. Please help me!

If it is possible, create a log file when the problem occurs (see the SDK manual). E-mail the problem description with the log file to

Q: Is it possible to acquire two video streams simultaneously with the Picasso 2SQ?

The Picasso has four video inputs. But only one input can be selected to acquire video at the same time. If you want to use another input, you should select an other video input. If you need to acquire more analog video streams you can use our Orlando AN. This board offers acquisition of two video channels at the same time.

Q: Which Linux kernels are supported?

Our drivers support Linux 32-bit and 64-bit of each Linux distribution. The Linux kernel should be version 2.6.0 or newer. If you have received the SDK, you should compile the arvdrv module against the Linux source installed on your system.

Q: If I have a <camera name> camera, is this camera supported by your <product name>?

Please send the camera datasheet to, we will check for compatibility.