ITS502GE High performance ANPR solution for GigE megapixel cameras

The ITS502GE ANPR unit is an embedded multi-core processor platform for automated license plate recognition applications. The ITS502GE product offers a compact, ultra high performance hardware architecture for the Intrada ANPR OCR engine of Q-Free ASA. The Intrada ANPR library is used by many leading companies in Intelligent Traffic Systems for law-enforcement equipment, traffic analysis and traffic management systems.

  • multi-core processor solution in dedicated architecture
  • acquires 1* ANPR and 1* overview GigE video input
  • optimized design for megapixel cameras
  • in-image triggering on video up to 100 frames/sec
  • Intrada ANPR recognize better then 3600 frames/hour
  • optional read rate enhancement technology
  • separate I/O processor to off-load ANPR engine for encrypted communication and storage processing
  • storage option on external gigabyte USB memory/disk
  • extended wireless support option via on-board UMTS/HSUPA modem, GPS is optionally supported
  • virtual private network (VPN) over wireless link is supported
  • industrial operating temperature is supported