CloudCAM: Cost effective cloud-based ANPR reader for free flow access monitoring.

The CloudCAM is a cloud-based ANPR solution providing a continuous stream of images that are processed for license plate recognition using a dedicated OCR cloud server. This solution is cost effective because multiple CloudCAM cameras can be connected to a single back-end for simultaneous cloud-based processing.

  • Effective ANPR image acquisition, single sensor, synchronized IR flash
  • Infrared image acquisition, multiple megapixel sensor for ANPR images
  • Motorized zoom for infrared sensor
  • Continuous image streaming
  • Optional plate finder algorithm available to reduce data usage
  • Operating range from 3 to 12 meter
  • Dedicated I/O process for (encrypted) communication via ethernet connection
  • General Purpose Input/Output provided including dry contacts
  • Separate SNMP monitoring channel provided
  • Virtual private network over data link is supported
  • Internal USB flash memory for extended data storage and encrypted storage