CAM301megaDS ANPR reader: High performance All-in-One Dual Sensor 1.3 Mega pixel ANPR reader for ITS

The CAM301megaDS ANPR reader is a multi-core processor platform for automated license plate recognition applications using two build in cameras.The CAM301megaDS product offers an optimized, best performance hardware architecture for the Intrada ANPR Software Environment of Dacolian BV, member of the Q-Free Group. The Intrada ANPR library is used by many leading companies in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) for law-enforcement equipment, traffic analysis and traffic management systems.


  • All-in-One solution: IR flash, 2*camera and analyser unit
  • 1.3 Mega pixel ANPR camera, 30/50 frames/sec
  • second 1.3 Mega pixel color camera for overview images
  • operating range upto 34 meter
  • multi-core processor solution in dedicated architecture
  • Intrada ANPR recognize on 3600 vehicles/hour
  • plate recognition upto 250 km/h car speed (high speed mode)
  • separate I/O processor to off-load ANPR engine for encrypted communication and storage processing
  • on board flash memory for user storage
  • optional extended wireless support via on-board GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSUPA modem and GPS support
  • virtual private network (VPN) over wireless link is supported
  • industrial operating temperature -20 upto +50 dgr Celsius
  • outdoor enclosure IP65