Several embedded ITS software modules have been developed to be able to finetune ITS solutions for dedicated purposes.

alt text License Plate Recognition using Visible Light

License plate recognition usually takes place in the infra red (IR) light domain. IR LEDs are used for flashing purposes to make IR reflective license plates visual on photo. However, IR license plate photo’s may be compromised (dirt, snow, blemishes, non-reflective) but yield a clear picture in the visible light domain. The Visual License Plate Recognition software combines the best of both visual and infra red world by ALPR processing on both camera’s. Using this software major improvements occur when the angle between camera and license plate is considerable and strange IR reflections occur due to the embossed license plate characters. This software module ensures an over-all ALPR score boost.

alt text Vehicle Point Speed and Direction Detection

This feature calculates vehicle point speed and direction in the ANPR equipment of ARVOO. In the high resolution ALPR camera’s an accuracy of 5 km/h is obtained and cars driving up to 300 km/h are detected. The self learning calibration feature ensures optimal point speed estimation without ‘initial parameters’ hassle. Next to vehicle point speed, vehicle direction is given by offering a car heading vector. The Vehicle Point Speed and Direction Detection feature can be used in our ANPR readers and processing units to facilitate detection of traffic jams, complete vehicle stand still, slow/high speed traffic, incidents, changing lanes patterns etc.

alt text License Plate Color Discrimination

In the Dual Sensor All-in-One ANPR readers CAM301megaDS and CAM2M3 a new feature is available: License Plate Color Discrimination. By using our built-in visual light camera license plate colors are estimated and used to discriminate between e.g. taxi’s (Dutch taxi’s have unique blue license plates) and other vehicles. This is a valuable feature for automated parking and access control.

alt text Back-Log Encryption

License plate data can not be safeguarded enough. ARVOO’s Back-Log Encryption software ensures data safety inside our ANPR products. License plate information is often directly sent via VPN to a server using Ethernet or UMTS. However, there are applications where information needs to be stored inside the ANPR readers. Using this Back-Log Encryption software, license plate data and additional meta data are safely encrypted and stored in the internal memory storage of our products.

alt text Dangerous Goods

The Dangerous Goods (DG) ANPR recognition module is the embedded version of DACOLIANs INTRADA Dangerous Goods software product. The DG module reads ADR signs mounted to vehicles transporting dangerous goods, according to the ‘European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road’.

alt text Wiegand Interface

The Wiegand interface for access control purposes is optionally available in our products (3 wires). The Wiegand card code can be constructed from the license plate directly or via a plate to code mapping. Various Wiegand formats (26 - 128 bits) are supported.

alt text Back Office Interface

The Northgate BOF v2.3 system is a widely used Automatic Number Plate Recognition Back Office system. ARVOO’s Back Office Interface software seamlessly integrates ANPR readings with BOF v2.3 back-end storage by VPN means (often used in combination with the CAM301p ANPR reader).

alt text SMS Alert

Sending SMS alert messages on license plate hits is supported by this module. Products available with this feature are the ITS301AN, ITS301DI and the CAM301p ANPR reader. Using a locally kept hit-list these ITS products can be deployed without any network connection, while still getting vehicle location information via SMS services.

alt text Covert Vision

Regular ANPR systems make use of continuous infra red flashing, which is barely noticeable. However, for some applications even this dim infra red flashing glow, that e.g. can be seen during nighttime, is not wanted. In these cases the Covert Vision software module offers minimal infra red visibility by only flashing for a certain period of time when movement is detected.